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The world of Kawara Creator Yu


Introduce myself

About the owner of "Kawarakoubou youya", Kawara creator Yu.

Media appearances, activity history, exhibition information

Media appearances, activity history, exhibition information, etc. About the activities of yu, the creator of the tile (please check sns for the latest information)

What's "Kawara"-Japanese roof tile-?

Kawara is the Japanese roof tile which have protected many temples and houses for 1400years old. 


Please see the artwork of Kawara creator Yu.

He produced unique artwork by inspiration.

About Japanese guardian gods

He makes original artworks inspired by Japanese guardian gods.I'd like to introduce them.

Kawara brings the good luck and happiness


Online shop

We have online shop.

Kawarakoubou youya 【Currently closed due to relocation】

The Japanese roof tile products shop"Kawarakoubou youya" is near Kamo river and Matsubara bridge in Kyoto city.

We sell original Japanese roof tile products and traditional onigawara.

Experience to making the cute ogre tile(ogre tile)!!

You can enjoy making your original ogre tile at my workshop.

Please make a reservation at AIRBNB or contact us.


Kawarakoubou youya 瓦工房YOU家

【Currently closed due to relocation】



Opening hours 10:30-18:00

Regular holiday  Tuesday


INSTAGRAM @kawarakoubou