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Kawara creator Yu

My family have run Kawara(Japanese roof tile) shop and I have been familiar with Kawara when I was a child.I graduated from the technical school related to Kawara,I became a pupil of the Master who have taken many awards.

Nowadays,traditional Japanese architecture is decreasing and Kawara is also decreasing.


I feel sad and resentful, so I've decided to make "New style Kawara products" .


Kawara products(like the ogre tiles) have been believed  they bring happiness since ancient times and were known as amulet.


I made new products from scratch as inspiration strikes.


I hope you feel lots of joy,happiness and feel the power of Kawara products.


Photo by kawarakoubou youya  Japanese roof tile artist 瓦工房you家 瓦創作家 悠 引田悠也