What's "Kawara"-Japanese roof tile-?

KAWARA"is the Japanese roof tile which have protected temples,houses for 1400years old. (from Heian period)


It was not allowed to use KAWARA at Japanese ordinary people's houses,


it was only used at formal architecture like shrines,temples,noble houses and


"SAMURAI"houses until Edo period(about 400 years ago).


 It has been believed clay of KAWARA brings Family fortunes,Good luck,Prosperity and protects from evil sprits.



When you come to Japan,please see on the top of roof tile of temple,

you can see many kind of animals and sculptures like Ogre,figure of water,guardian lion and peach etc..


They have meanings individually and they are influenced by Buddhism.


For example...

"ONIGAWARA(Ogre tile-the amlet made of  clay KAWARA)" has been decorated the top of the roof  as the amulet from ancient times.

Ogre tile and guardian lion:protect from evil sprits


figure of water:protect from flood and fire.

peach:have a happy and long life with wellness

KARARA is related to Japanese culture,history and Buddhism.


I hope you enjoy not only the Japanese traditional townscape but also the Japanese roof tiles when you visit Japan.

 Photo by kawarakoubou youya  Japanese roof tile artist 瓦工房you家 瓦創作家 悠 引田悠也