About  Japanese gurdian gods


There are many gurdian animals in Japan.

Kawara creator Yu makes them more cute and evolved new style.

Jizo is known as the gurdian deity of children and travelers in the Japanese culture.

You can see them in a lot of place around Japan.

When you visit Shrine,you can see two animals in front of the entrance.

One is "Shishi"which is guardian lion  and his mouth is opened.

Other is "Komainu"which is guardian dog and his mouth is closed.

They protect Shines.

He protects a house from evil spirits and he is the god of Study.

You can find on the entrance roof of Japanese traditional houses in Kyoto.Especially you can see him at Gion which is famous place for Maiko.There are many kind of Shoki,please check out when you visit Kyoto!

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Photo by kawarakoubou youya  Japanese roof tile artist 瓦工房you家 瓦創作家 悠 引田悠也