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Media appearances, activity history, exhibition information

《Media appearances》

2019  The information magazine "ENJOY KYOTO"(written by English)

2021     Kawara Koubou Youya interviewed at "Hara Hiniko no Kyoto walk" in KBS Kyoto           "Information Live Kimoili"

              Scheduled to air on January 9, 16, 23, and 30 (10:30-12:00)



《Activity history》

2020 The 18th (Alternative Exhibition) Zen Exhibition, Ginza, Tokyo


   Heart Art in Kanazawa 2020




2021 My artwork was accepted at 95th Kokuten 

《Exhibition information》

2021年 Kyoto Destination Campaign"Winter Trip in Kyoto" January 19 - March 18, 2021 

            Works exhibited and sold at Myosinji Daioin temple.


            The solo exhibition “The world of the unique artworks of Japanese roof tile.”



《Permanent exhibition》

My artwork is placed at Shorinji temple and other temples in Kyoto City.

In addition, exhibitions and sales at events are also held irregularly.

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